Build Your Wealth Faster With Investment Grade Properties

Define your requirementCustomise your buying strategy

Find the next potential suburb via mass data analysis

Search all property options Negotiage the best price

Positive cashflow and better capital growth, then repeat

Stable And Huge Real Estate Market In Australia

$9,100 B

Reisdential real estate market in Australia*

$988 B

Commercial real estate market in Australia*

*And keep growing

$2,900 B

Stock market in Australia*

Build Your Positive Cashflow Portfolio with 3 Easy Steps

Set rental yield benchmark

Locate under-supply market

Negotiate the best price

I Help You Grow Faster on Your Property Journey

I am Shuai Luo, who has a decade experience in Australian real estate and I have benefited from it,

If you are worried about the market is not clear,

If you are scared taht you may make fatal mistakes in real estateBut if you hope, one day, you can free up more time by investing real estate,

Please let me walk with you on this journey, because I have gone through all the mistakes, the frustration, challenges, and opportunities,

And I have made it from broke to 6-digit passive income.

It is all because I have leanrt the principle of real estate investment:

Buy the right property in the right location with the right price, and build positive cashflow portfolio!

Talk To Us ​ To Find Out How To Make Your Investment Journey Easier And Faster

We Focus on

Helping time-poor buyers to build positive cashflow property portfolio faster

Full Service

From the initial consultation, market research on over 15,000+ suburbs in Australia, full time house hunting, price negotiation, to contract exchange, we will be with you until we secured the right property for you.

Partial Service

If you have found your ideal property, but are worried about overpaying, we can help you with a full market analysis, and negotiate the best price for you. Also, we can find you the best property as per your request, and you do the rest part yourself.

Strategy Consulting

If you need a professional view of property strategy planning, we are here to help. During the session, we will give you a tailor-made and practical plan so you can implement it toward your dream home or investment.


Q: What is a buyer's agent?

A: It is commonly know that property sellers use real estate agents (selling agents) to sell their properties on their behalf, and a selling agent is to act on the seller's best interest to get the highest price possible in the market. A buyer's agent, on the other hand, is a licensed real estate professional who stands exclusively for the buyer's best interest and buy the right properties on buyer's behalf for the best price possible.

Q: Do I need a buyer's agent?

A: If you have experienced one or more of the following situations, you may need a buyer's agent to get your best interest:

  • Tired of endless inspections;

  • Looking for investment grade property but don't know how;

  • Keep missing out auctions when looking for an investment property or home;

  • Worried about overpaying the property you are about to buy;

  • Don't know how to find the true market value of a property;

  • Tired of dealing with different real estate agents;

  • Want to access more than just on market properties, including off market properties;

  • Inconvenient to buy property in person。

Q: What properties can you access to?

A: Majority of property buyers in Australia can only access public listed properties via two dominant online real estate platforms: realestate.com.au and domain.com.au, and those properies listed on these website is called on market properties.Due to our knowledge, understanding and strong relationship with local real estate agents, we can often access to off market properties for you, so you can have an unfair advantage than other competitive buyers.

Q: Do you sell properties on seller's behalf?

A: No, we are independent buyer's agents, we only stand for buyers to ensure the best interest for buyers.But on some occasions when our buyers need to sell their properties, we can provide sales advisory and direct them to the best local selling agents to help them achieve the best results possible.

Q: How much do I need to pay for your service?

A: Like a seller pays to selling agent who acts at seller's best interest, a buyer would expect to pay a similar success fee to buyer's agents as we act at buyer's best interest.

Q: How do I get started?

A: You could book an obligation free 15 minutes consultation with us, so we know if we can help you to fastforward your property journey and make your life easier.


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