Shuai Luo

Founder | Chief Buyer's Agent

Shuai Luo, Australia,

Founder of Avocado Wealth,

Also a father and husband,

Practitioner of Australian real estate investment portfolio,

Australian licensed real estate and business broker,

Australia's first Chinese buyer's agent focusing on positive cash flow real estate portfolio,

Accumulatively helped investors at home and abroad to allocate more than hundreds of millions of Australian dollars in assets,

On YouTube, Xiaohongshu, Watermelon and other platforms, he shared dry goods information from the perspective of real estate buyers,
and was viewed more than 400,000 times and 30,000 hours long.

Luo Shuai not only has more than ten years of experience in Australian real estate purchase and investment, but also has experienced different cycles of Australian real estate, and has in-depth insights into the Australian real estate market.

He once devoted himself to the real estate sales industry because of his love for real estate and investment.

Because there are too few professional real estate professionals on the side of buyers in the market, many Chinese buyers have taken many detours and suffered too many losses in the process of buying a house and investing in Australia, and Xiaoshuai himself was deeply troubled by it.
Therefore, at the end of 2020, Luo Shuai resolutely decided to give up all sales business that brought in high income, and established the Australian Avocado Fortune Company to provide consulting and purchasing services for buyers completely independently.

Ben Handler

Invited Consultant | Mentor

Founder of the Australian Institute of Buyers’ Agents, Founded the largest buyer agency company in Australia, Accumulatively successfully purchased more than 3 billion Australian dollars of assets for buyers,

Including luxury houses worth more than 20 million Australian dollars, commercial real estate worth 350,000 to 23 million Australian dollars, Currently focusing on cultivating the best real estate buyer agents in various fields.

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